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Flexound: Let Your Skin Do The Listening

Presenting the sound of tomorrow, Flexound. This Augmented Audio Company has developed technology which takes audio to another level. The patented deep technology adds the sensation of touch to any sound content. You can both HEAR high-quality audio and FEEL its vibration on your skin.

Flexound only started and was used as a therapy tool to help autistic children. It was the first instrument that transformed plain music into a magical combination of high-quality sound and distributed vibration. However, it was quickly discovered by the team that this game-changing innovation feels and sounds so good that it must be offered to everyone.

Flexound can revolutionise the way we experience sound.

Lets start with what Flexound offers for delivery. The HUMU Augmented Audio Cushion. The HUMU cushion was built to enhance your home cinema and musical experience. Listening to music on this one is rather average BUT movies are another matter. It’s great for the right movies, especially action ones with “big” sounds like explosions, rumbling, car chases etc. It really does deliver an experience close to a cinema rather than a regular TV setup. Imagine seeing your favourite movie with this. We don’t recommend it while watching horror movies…

Although in its early stages, Flexound is on its way to integrate their technology into cinemas around the world with Flexound Pulse. This innovative chair allows you to sit “inside the sound” with the first fully loudspeaker-free cinema sound system. This means, every person at the cinema will get the full audio experience with a personal sound-sphere, clear dialogue and chair vibrations. Flexound is already fully compatible with existing audio systems without interference.

The Flexound Pulse is available in TGV Cinemas. TGV are the first Southeast Asian cinema company to incorporate Flexound. This is what the CEO said about it - “Immersive technologies are a rising trend in the cinema industry, and with Flexound, we can provide something totally new and exciting for our movie-goers.” Here are some things locals said about it after the showing at TVG: “Its like a better surround system”, “its a good 3D experience”, “the experience is way different”, “the sound is also clearer”. By adding another dimension to sound, Flexound is on a good way to revolutionise audio industries. At the end of last year, Flexound has joined Hyundai in quest for future automotive audio. A Hyundai seat from Flexound? We cannot wait to hear more about this project and the future implementations of Flexound.


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