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Full-Size Wireframe Super Cars Going Viral in UK

We're kicking off the first season of product reviews with our love for supercars and priceless art together with the Benedict Radcliffe Studio from UK. Radcliffe’s art focuses on car culture and engineering, reflecting a fascination with automobiles and mechanics that can be traced back to a childhood spent around cars. He is most known for his range of 3D steel wireframe reconstructions of full-size iconic vehicles.

Benedict Radcliffe is turning supercars into full-size priceless artworks on a weekly-basis. He created a wired Ferrari F40, a Lancia Stratos and many more iconic cars which look absolutely stunning. His most recent piece is a life-size Lamborghini Countach for the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, showing off his project next to artists like KAWS, Damien Hirst. Benedict says he's trying to use the lines which most describe the particular car and nothing more- and oh boy is it a sight to behold. It's the first and most detailed full-sized wired car we've ever seen and at first sight seems quite unreal when you see it parked on the street.

Benedict Radcliffe has facilities at AWBL in UK where he produces editions of the full-size cars together with his team of designers. Recently they have also started to create smaller scale Porsches and G-Wagons and are working on even smaller scales. Obviously, you may say- not everyone has the space or budget for a full-size car sculpture and you'd be correct. The brand is well aware of this issue and the designers are currently working on new production techniques that will allow them to create the 3D cars of carbon fiber and titanium at a 1:5 scale which will look great hung on the wall in your living room. For now you can start by getting yourself some prints, t-shirts and sweatshirts on their official website at


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