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ISA has just released her latest song titled «In My Head» ft. Pretty Young

ISA Tengblad is one of the latest Clan members of VIRTUE, and is currently breaking the New Music Friday playlists in Scandinavia with her newest single “In My Head” featuring Pretty Young. Available on all streaming platforms.

ISA & Pretty Young met for the first time during fall 2020. They immediately connected on a deep creative level, and the result of their first session was nothing less than “In My head”, written by ISA, Pretty Young and GROUNDSTROEM. “In my head” ended up in a perfect blend of Pretty Young’s electronic pop sound mixed with ISAs R&B influenced melodies and vocals. The release will have international PR- and marketing support from two labels. V2 will push the release in Benelux, Germany and Austria and Corite in the Nordics and rest of the world.

The photo and video material has been filmed in the actual Polar studios at Abba the Muséeum, which vibes with the sound and collaboration between the artists perfectly. The material will be used in a global social media marketing campaign orchestrated by Corite and the social media network, Virtue Clan, all focusing on driving traffic to Spotify and building the hype.


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