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Portal One's takes the stage at OMR Festival 2023 with Stig Olav Kasin, Scooter Braun & Danny Cohen.

Our members at PortalOne took the stage at OMR Festival 2023, with co-founder and CXO Stig Olav Kasin joined by PortalOne partners and investors Scooter Braun and Danny Cohen.

Perceived as a more ‘niche’ entertainment form a few decades ago, games have become a cultural and economic force. At around $182 billion, the industry’s total annual revenue is now larger than that of the music and film industries combined. At the same time, technical advances are blurring the lines between traditional entertainment, like TV and film, and videogames.

Speaking on the Red Stage to a crowd of 5,000, the speakers gave an overview of PortalOne’s hybrid games proposition and explored the recent shifts in the games and entertainment industries that make way for hybrid games to thrive. Tune in to learn more about the Home of Hybrid Games. Full video link available on:


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