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Toraphene Now Part of the VIRTUE Clan Roster!

Toraphene are officially members of The VIRTUE Network. We are proud to support the next step in creating a more sustainable world. 🌎

Toraphene is committed to tackle the climate crisis by accelerating towards a high performance future and build scaleability, accessibility and affordability into their product development strategies to enable rapid implementation by manufacturers, producers and retailers. Toraphene’s key ingredient is graphene – a Nobel Prize-winning material stronger than diamond at the molecular level. For the last ten years, researchers at Toraphene have been developing this biodegradable material as a cost-effective alternative to fossil-based plastics.

Everything Toraphene designs will be high performance and deliver high value in terms of function, outcomes, scalability, contribution to people and planet. Toraphene will always deliver no compromise, infinitely scalable products for the future generation.

Visit to learn more.


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